Since Feb. 24, the crisis in Ukraine has affected more than 18 million people across that country, internally displacing as many as 7 million, with more than 12 million individuals in need of urgent humanitarian care and 2 million Ukrainians fleeing to seek refuge in neighboring countries.

Lindsey Martin, NP

The Center for Global Health (CGH) at Massachusetts General Hospital is committed to responding to the needs of displaced peoples around the globe. It has established The Ukraine Surgical Response Team, focusing on medical support, supplies and on-the-ground assistance. On March 9, Lindsey Martin, NP, director of CGH Global Disaster Response, deployed to Poland alongside our partner, Global Response Management, bringing two donated ventilators that will enable pediatric ICU transports. She is actively working with partner organizations, including International Medical Corps and the World Health Organization Emergency Medical Teams, to assess immediate needs and coordinate Mass General’s response.  

Jarone Lee, MD, MPH, an attending physician in Critical Care and Emergency Medicine, is working to establish a medical support service so that Mass General doctors and medical personnel can provide peer-to-peer consultations to providers in Ukraine and in border regions. Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine,Critical Care and Primary Care consultation will be offered, with additional support from sub-specialists in burn care,

Jarone Lee, MD, MPH

cardiac surgery and other areas as needed. Already, more than 60 physicians have volunteered for this effort.

The Mass General Center for Global Health will work to provide meaningful assistance to those remaining in Ukraine and those leaving the country. We are aware of the vulnerability of those leaving — mostly women and children — and are committed to mounting a response that supports their safety and health. We are grateful to our CGH donors who make this work possible.

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