Our Mission

Driven by the belief that everyone, everywhere has a right to good health, we partner with diverse communities to exchange life-saving ideas, catalyze scientific discoveries, deliver compassionate care, and train the next generation of leaders in global health.

Our Values


As stated in our mission, we are driven by the belief that everyone, everywhere has a right to good health. We seek to understand the forces that disproportionately deprive some people of this right, acknowledging the ongoing consequences of racism, colonialism, and other forms of discrimination. We work to address these barriers at the individual, community, and systems levels. As the world develops new and exciting tools to reduce disease and disability, we strive to ensure that no one is left behind, no matter where they live or how they identify.


Our philosophy is rooted in partnership. Guided by those partners, we not only intervene in times of need, but also support local providers in co-developing initiatives and systems for the future. We offer opportunities for problem solving, resource sharing, and the exchange of ideas, and we work to ensure that our collaborations are built on a foundation of equity, reciprocity, and respect.


We believe that those closest to health challenges have the best insights into the issues and their solutions. We listen to communities and collaborators to define our priorities together and to learn new ways of tackling health inequalities. We strive to create a culture of constant growth and respect and to set continuously higher standards for global health work.


Projects and programs are strongest when shaped by a variety of perspectives. To tackle the most complicated challenges in global health, we must create workspaces affirming of all identities, nationalities, backgrounds, and forms of expertise. Inclusive and interdisciplinary approaches – from the clinic to the conference room – are our best bet to advance health equity in Boston and around the world.


To advance health equity and to realize rights, we strive to amplify the voices of the communities we serve, and we use our platform, expertise and privileges to advocate for evidence-based public policies that will lead to better health outcomes. We won’t shy away from standing up for justice.


We denounce all forms of racism and the systemic barriers it presents to achieving health equity. We acknowledge the impact that racism has on our institution, global, and community work and commit to examining individual/institutional bias and systemic advantage/oppression. We commit to dismantle racism and to reflect this in the culture and work of the Center for Global Health, our institution, and society.


To transform the future of health and health equity, we know that we can’t just do things the way they’ve always been done. By bringing talent together across borders and disciplines, and by placing community needs at the center of solution-building, we embrace fresh strategies to reduce rates of disease and create healthier lives.