Lindsey Martin, NP
Deputy Director of Field Operations, Global Disaster Response

Lindsey is a the Deputy Director of Field Operations for Mass General Hospital Global Disaster Response. Lindsey is trained as a critical care Nurse Practitioner with a focus on surgical critical care and trauma. After starting her NP career at University of Maryland Medical Center-Shock Trauma she joined the Blake 12 surgical ICU at Mass General in 2015. Lindsey’s work in disaster response began at the same time as a volunteer on the Global Disaster Response Team. Her deployments have included the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, 2016 Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, 2017 Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Maria in Puerto Rico. She has assumed the role of Team Leader on multiple deployments most recently leading a 26 member medical EMAC to Ponce, Puerto Rico. In addition she has participated in multiple training exercises and disaster simulations with MGH and its partner organizations.

Lindsey also has worked as public health clinical faculty at Northeastern University and has training in wilderness medicine and pre-hospital care as an EMT. Other international work includes volunteering with the Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa. She will be starting her Masters in Global Public health this year at Brown University.