On Monday April 26, India reported 352,991 cases of COVID-19 infection, breaking the world-record for daily cases in a country for the fifth consecutive day. On the same day, India reported 2,812 deaths, bringing the country’s total to 195,123 deaths.

India has vaccinated less than 10% of its population and is struggling to meet vaccine demand. Though the country has been an important producer of vaccine doses, many of these doses have been allotted for other high-income nations. Recent supply shortages have also hampered India’s vaccine production.

In comparison, over 42% of the United States population has gotten at least one vaccine dose. President Joe Biden announced over the weekend that the U.S. would be sending supplies to increase vaccine production in India and provide needed medical equipment. However, advocates are calling on high-income countries to do more; including donating vaccine doses, loosen export laws to increase vaccine production in other countries, and promote the sharing of intellectual property to value health over profit.

The MGH Center for Global Health stands in solidarity with India. Together we continue to advocate for vaccine equity and are committed to assisting our global community. Below, we have compiled a list of resources with more information about the situation in India and ways to help.

Ways you can help:

Vaccine Equity Resources:

Recent News:

Photo Featured: South Nagpur, India a city in Maharashtra, a state at the epicenter of the current COVID-19 outbreak in India.

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