Vanessa Bradford Kerry, MD, MSC
Associate Director of Partnerships and Global Initiatives

Dr. Kerry is the Associate Director of Partnerships and Global Initiatives at MGH Global Health. She helps to oversee clinical and education opportunities in global health and partnerships for MGH Global Health. She is also co-founder and the CEO of Seed Global Health. Having worked in resource‐limited settings for over a decade, Dr. Kerry has witnessed health inequities around many places in the world and how shortages of local health providers in their home countries contribute to those inequities. She believes that there should not – and need not – be two standards of care around the globe. She envisions a solution where investing in health systems and health professional leadership can provide a sustainable, local solution to close disparities in care and health outcomes. Her work at Seed Global Health and in partnership with MGH is helping to close training and care gaps in sub-Saharan Africa through education. The Seed program sends American health professionals to help train the next generation of doctors, nurses and midwives in countries with critical health needs. These health professionals then teach others, creating a pipeline of needed, skilled providers and educators. Seed has helped train over 14,000 health professionals since its inception in 2012. Dr. Kerry also runs the Discovery Health MGH Fellowship which hosts South African academic clinician leaders to train at MGH for one year.

Please see Dr. Kerry’s Harvard Catalyst Profile for selected publications.