Emily Satinsky, MSc
Project Coordinator

Emily Satinsky is based in Mbarara, Uganda, where she coordinates the “Health Outcomes, Social Entrepreneurship and Networks” study with Dr. Alexander Tsai. Before moving to Uganda, Emily worked as the Lab Manager and Faculty Research Assistant at the Global Mental Health and Addiction Program (GMAP) at the University of Maryland. In this role, she explored peer-delivered models of care for substance use and HIV in Baltimore and South Africa. Prior to her time in Maryland, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Mental Health Foundation in London, evaluating programs aimed at preventing trajectories toward mental health problems among at-risk populations. She holds her BS in Biology with a minor in Anthropology from Cornell University, and her MS in Global Mental Health from King’s College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Emily is passionate about understanding environmental impacts on mental health and increasing access to mental health care.