Amir Mohareb, MD
Director, Research Program on Humanitarian Action, Global Migration, and Infectious Diseases

Dr. Amir Mohareb is an Infectious Diseases physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. His clinical and research interests center around HIV, viral hepatitis, tropical diseases, and vaccine-preventable infections. His work examines the health effects of migration and forced displacement, with the overall aim of improving clinical, public health, and social policies. He investigates the interaction between human-made and natural humanitarian emergencies and infectious diseases, with an emphasis on vaccine-preventable infections. He uses epidemiology and simulation modeling to better understand how (1) complex humanitarian emergencies contribute to the risk for communicable diseases, especially among people who are displaced, and (2) how infectious diseases can complicate the clinical and public health response to humanitarian emergencies.

Please see Dr. Mohareb’s Harvard Catalyst profile for selected publications.