The “Meet MGH Global Health Series” spotlights the passionate, diverse members of our global health team at home and abroad who believe everyone, everywhere has a right to good health.

Meet MGH Global Health: Kerry Phelan, MBA

Kerry Phelan, MBA

Today we introduce Kerry Phelan, MBA!

Kerry is a Project Manager at CGH. She has been at the Center for Global Health for four years and is coming up on her tenth year and MGH. She holds a Master of Business Administration from Endicott College.

What does your day-to-day job look like? 

As a project manager of our center’s strategic initiatives a lot of my day is involved with ensuring we are on task to meet the goals we have outlined in our 2020-2025 strategy. Specifically, I work closely with our executive director, center leadership, development, and communications team to ensure meetings and projects are moving forward, we are communicating our work effectively to all stakeholders, and are tracking these efforts. Part of my current role also includes overseeing Asylum Clinic administrative operations in coordination with our volunteers and clinic leadership.

What led you to work in global health? 

The phrase global health is local health has always resonated with me. As a youth, my first job was working as a farmer in Lynn, MA with the Food Project, which brought together youth and adults from diverse backgrounds to help create a sustainable local food system. Learning and working in this area helped me develop an understanding of equity and drove me to obtain a bachelor’s degree in public health while working as an administrator at the MGH Cancer Center. It was here I was exposed to the incredible global oncology work of CGH and was finally able to marry my past local health experience to MGH’s global work.

What is something you love about your work at CGH? 

Our people. I truly have loved all my jobs at MGH and believe we are a melting pot of some of the brightest minds in all areas (not just physicians) of healthcare. At CGH, we are lucky to take that a step further in our relationships with international colleagues. I have confidence that the passion and commitment to partnership everyone brings to the work will result in real global health change.

What advice do you have for someone else thinking about working in global health? 

Whether you are working in local or global health, it is important to remember that the people closest to the problem will always know more than you. No amount of money can replace community expertise. Our success at CGH really depends on the success of our partners.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

As a past high school and college athlete, you can typically find me in the pool, on a bike, or running the Charles river/other local trails. Outside of exercise, I enjoy cooking and taking day trips to New England’s local gems with my partner and 2-year-old Labrador retriever, Brooklyn.

Where is a place you enjoy spending time? 

Outside of MA, I really enjoy spending time with family, friends, and their respective dogs in Wells and Portland, Maine.

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