The “Meet MGH Global Health Series” spotlights the passionate, diverse members of our global health team at home and abroad who believe everyone, everywhere has a right to good health.

Meet MGH Global Health: Edward Alexander

Edward Alexander, MPH

Today we introduce Edward Alexander, MPH!

Alexander is the Communication Specialist at CGH. He has been at the Center for Global Health for just under a year and holds a Master of Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health.

What does your day-to-day job look like?

In short, my day is a lot of talking to people or reading about their work and programs in order to effectively communicate that work to others. So, I’m often interviewing people, reading articles, writing and editing stories, and then turning all of this into social media posts, website stories, or other modes of communication. I have the keys to much of CGH’s outward facing presence, so my day-to-day also includes website management, reading the state of global health news to stay fresh, and sharing any new opportunities with the CGH community and beyond.

What led you to work in global health?

I’ve always felt pulled to work that interrogates and tries to undo systemic structures of oppression and the lasting effects of colonialism. While getting my MPH at BUSPH I concentrated in these topics—with a more domestic focus—but worked in a global health department and took a few global health courses. Part of what drew me to global health was the chance to learn more and better understand and practice what it actually means to undo the legacies of systems of oppression, not just here, in the United States, but globally.

What is something you love about your work at CGH?

I get to talk to and learn from so many people that are passionate about their work, are much smarter than myself, and are doing really interesting things to help realize global health equity.

What advice do you have for someone else thinking about working in global health?

In my time working in global health, one thing I’ve learned is that being a good global health worker—especially if you’re from the global north—means being really studious about history to avoid perpetuating harm. If you’re going to work in global health, take the time to really learn from books, articles, movies, news, and, most importantly, people different than yourself.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I’m an avid reader and spend much of my free time sunk into a book, but at the risk of sounding too boring I’ll throw in that I love to cook, enjoy meals with friends, and listen to music.

Where is a place you enjoy spending time?

As a Los Angeles native living in Boston, I’m going to let my homesickness win and say LA county, where I grew up.

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