GHSA Purpose

The Global Health Service Awards were established with three objectives in mind:

  • encourage innovation, dedication, and commitment in the field of Global Health;
  • recognize people whose goal is to inspire, advance, and improve the clinical care and capacity for underserved populations; and
  • emphasize the importance and benefits of global collaboration in healthcare.


All employees of Massachusetts General Hospital and global partners are eligible for an award under this program. Work in global health can occur in our local and global communities.

Awards will be granted annually in any of the following three categories. $2,000 USD will be awarded to support global health project related work.

Excellence in Research and Innovation Award:

The annual Excellence in Research and Innovation Award is designed to recognize early to mid-career investigators for their contributions and ongoing potential in global health research. The award is not restricted to any specific area within global health or type of research; however, the work must be grounded in an in-country partnership and contribute to the local research agenda.

Distinct accomplishments may include:

  • Quantitative or qualitative research that helps to improve the health outcomes of an underserved community.
  • Research projects that make a significant and novel contribution to the global health knowledge base.
  • Research that contributes to partner research capacity and/or career development.

Applicant eligibility criteria:

  • MGH Post-doctoral fellows, instructors, and assistant professors with a primary appointment at MGH; or
  • MGH-based researchers may nominate a pre-tenured junior investigators/trainee from a lower middle-income country. The nominee must be part of an on-going research partnership.

Awarded annually to an MGH employee or global partner who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in the education and mentorship of faculty and students in Boston and in partnership communities around the world. This award is designed to honor an outstanding educator whose dedication to teaching and mentorship has led to the improvement of healthcare delivery and/or clinical capacity in low-resourced settings or communities.

Excellence in Clinical Education and Mentorship Award:

Distinct accomplishments may include:

  • Developing innovative clinical curricula aimed to be used in and improve the health outcomes of an underserved community.
  • Mentoring students or faculty in an educational, research or clinical project that improves healthcare delivery and/or clinical capacity in low-resourced settings or communities.
  • Demonstration of personal commitment to teaching faculty and students in low-resourced settings or communities to help build enduring clinical capacity.
  • Demonstrated commitment to fostering intellectual, creative, and professional growth of those in the global health field.

Applicant eligibility criteria:

  • An MGH global education faculty or trainee with a primary appointment at MGH; or
  • An MGH global education faculty or trainee may nominate a global partner from a low income or lower middle-income country who demonstrates exemplary leadership in the clinical education in their community and institution. The nominee must be part of an MGH educational partnership or collaboration.

Excellence in Global Disaster Response & Humanitarian Action Award:

Awarded to an individual whose actions and commitment seek to improve health and healthcare equity within the populations we serve; support patient-focused, community-based health projects that demonstrate a positive impact on patient health outcomes; support humanitarian opportunities; and support requests for specialized assistance.

Distinct accomplishments may include:

  • Providing direct patient care for vulnerable populations outside of usual hospital care;
  • Volunteering for missions to serve at-risk populations experiencing dire circumstance regardless of location or working conditions;
  • Participating in humanitarian missions and/or projects in the community or elsewhere while upholding the highest principles and standards of humanitarian action;
  • Demonstrating commitment to the growth of the field of global disaster response management.

Applicant eligibility criteria:

  • An MGH employee or global partner participating in the field of global disaster response and humanitarian action.

Nomination Instructions:

Please submit nominations via our online form at 2024 Global Health Service Awards Nomination Form.

Nominations for the 2024 Global Health Service Awards will be accepted until April 26th, 2024. Applications submitted after April 26th will be considered for the 2025 Awards.

The award winners will be announced at the next Global Health Expo on May 20th, 2024.

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Send any questions you may have regarding the 2024 Global Health Service Awards to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can an employee be selected for an award more than once?
A: No, there is a lifetime limit of 1 award.

Q: My nominee is a volunteer on the Global Disaster Response Team, and they teach residents and fellows. Can they be nominated for more than one award in a single year?
A: Yes. Individuals can be eligible for multiple awards in a single year. However, you will need to submit a unique nomination for each award.

Q: Can individuals who are not employees at Mass General Hospital nominate someone?
A: Yes, employees working at MGB affiliated institutions can nominate an employee of Mass General.

Q: Can Mass General employees in clinical training be nominated?
A: Yes, both residents and fellows are eligible for the Global Health Service Awards.  If you have any further questions, please send an email to