Pooja Yerramilli, MD
Global Medicine Resident

 PG Year 

Medical School
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Skillman, New Jersey

Hobbies/Outside interests
Traveling, reading, hiking, dancing, piano, arts & crafts, baking

What attracted you to the MGH Global Medicine program?
As I was submitting my applications for residency, one of the main concerns that I had was whether I would be able to continue cultivating and prioritizing my passion for global health while completing rigorous medical training. The MGH Global Medicine program stood out to me as a unique path that would enable me to flourish in both regards. MGH itself is an institution that encourages “supported autonomy,” in promoting individualized training and opportunities tailored to each resident’s interests. The institution trains independent yet collaborative physicians, quickly capable of leading and participating in high performing teams. These philosophies clearly permeate the MGH Global Medicine program as well. Each of the MGH Global Medicine residents I met on my interview day had distinct interests, but the individualized support they received from the Global Medicine program clearly enabled them to pursue their passions and become leaders within the field. Moreover, the MGH Global Medicine program promotes a culture of humility, which is immensely important yet often underrated in global health work. Too often, we reward leaders in global health who “shout the loudest.” On the other hand, each of the MGH Global Medicine residents and fellows in the program I met on my interview day seemed to be driven by shared values of reducing healthcare disparities globally, and approached their work with a genuine commitment to this foundation – emphasizing continuous learning from, listening to, and empowerment of the communities in which they work.

As a resident here, what have you loved about the program?
MGH and its Global Medicine program have a genuine commitment to “supported autonomy.” As only two residents match into the Global Medicine program each year, our training from both clinical and global health perspectives have been tailored to our individual interests. Already, within my first year of residency, I have grown so much as an independent yet collaborative physician. Simultaneously, through the Global Medicine program, I have grown as a global health leader. From the first day of residency, our program leadership has been extremely thoughtful with regards to our careers in residency and beyond – carefully assigning each of us mentors based on our professional and personal interests, and helping us establish tangible and measurable objectives and goals for different aspects of our training, whether in clinical medicine or leadership in global health. Through regular one on one meetings with our program director, all of the Global Medicine residents, my assigned mentor, and diverse leaders in global health across the Harvard system, I have been encouraged to think critically about meaningful engagement and leadership in global health and shaping my global health career throughout residency and beyond.