Brady Page, MD, MPH & TM
Global Medicine Alumni

 Medical School
Tulane University

Sunnyvale, California

Hobbies/Outside interests
– Natural history, clinical management, and epidemiology of emerging infections;
– Critical care in resource-limited settings;
– Discussions with patients about their health that are honest, unambiguous, and empowering;
– Spicy food, exploring, playing drums, baseball, Brazilian jiu jitsu

What attracted you to the MGH Global Medicine program?
I was drawn by the customizability of the program. It was clear to me that the leadership trusted their residents and gave them the freedom to use their away time to pursue experiences that were relevant to each residents’ interests and goals.

As a resident here, what have you loved about the program?
The program is committed to understanding and engaging health problems around the world in a way that values equity and humility above all else. We strive to be a force for growth that recognizes and complements the existing cultural contexts and healthcare capacities in different places, not one that imposes our own concepts of how things should be done.

How has the program prepared you to be a leader in global health?
An interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on economic, political, and social factors that contribute to disease has helped me to realize the different ways in which others approach issues of health. With this foundation I feel that I am better equipped to communicate with others in the field who are interested in tackling the same problems but through a variety of avenues.