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Searching for the HIV Vaccine: The Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard

Since HIV/AIDS emerged as a global health problem nearly thirty years ago, scientists have made significant gains and impressive breakthroughs in our understanding of the disease and how to treat it. Nonetheless, the development of an effective HIV/AIDS vaccine – the best hope for ending the epidemic – remains an elusive target.

The Ragon Institute was established in February 2009 at MGH, MIT and Harvard with a dual mission: to contribute to the accelerated discovery of an HIV/AIDS vaccine and subsequently to establish itself as a world leader in the collaborative study of immunology. The institute is structured and positioned to significantly contribute to a global effort to successfully develop an HIV/AIDS vaccine by creating non-traditional partnerships among experts with different but complementary backgrounds and providing a means for rapidly funding promising studies and emerging concepts in the field. The Institute creates a singular opportunity and environment to engage scientists, engineers and clinicians in challenging research for which there may be no greater benefit – saving lives and curing the ill.

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