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Global Health Education at Home and Abroad

Because of the growing demand by Mass General residents and physicians to garner global health expertise, the Center for Global Health is supporting a series of training opportunities abroad.

The first and most developed of these, the Global Primary Care Residency Program, supports young MGH faculty in gaining primary care expertise in a range of resource settings — both at home and abroad — during their four-year extended residency. In addition to Boston-based training, the program offers a novel curriculum focused on understanding how to best deliver fundamental care in developing countries and enables the residents to participate in direct care delivery in one of Mass General’s partner sites in Africa. Residents in this program also do advanced coursework resulting in a master’s degree in Public Health.

“The goal of partnerships for education and training is to help mobilize health professionals to address human resource needs while simultaneously investing in capacity-building efforts and partnerships over time.” 
-Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry, Associate Director for Partnerships and Global Initiatives

Other departments across the hospital are in various stages of developing their own programs, hand-in-hand with the Center for Global Health. Pediatrics, Psychiatry and the Emergency Department’s Division of Health and Human Rights all have robust global health training and clinical care programs, for instance. The Department of Pathology, meanwhile, has recognized the need for increased capacity to make tissue- and fluid-based diagnoses in resource-poor settings, so it runs a series of educational programs in places like Ethiopia, where it is teaching pathologic diagnosis relating to maternal health. In another example, the Department of Surgery has been involved in training programs in Haiti, Kenya and Uganda.

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