Stories From the Field:


Building a Safe and Secure future for Haiti’s Healthcare System

Harold J. Roy, MHA, a Special State Police Officer at Mass General, was granted a Center for Global Health Travel Award to spend three weeks in Haiti; training and educating Haitian Healthcare Professionals.

I previously travelled to Haiti under a six month Durant Fellowship where I worked as a Security Advisor for both the American Refugee Committee (a nonprofit organization working with those displaced from war and disaster) and Zanmi Lasante (a Haiti based Healthcare organization).  My primary goal during the six month deployment was to assist both organizations in the development and implementation of their very own security system; which consisted of drafting security policies, job descriptions, post orders, and conducting risk assessments.  However, it was quickly realized that the personnel who were responsible for exercising the security plan and system lacked the basic skills needed to make the program a success.  Upon completing my previous deployment, I returned to Mass General and became a certified instructor for both Management of Aggressive Behavior (M.O.A.B) and CPR. 

The travel grant from the Mass General Center for Global Health allowed me the opportunity to travel back to Haiti and train Zanmi Lasante’s (ZL) security and front line staff in CPR, managing aggressive behavior, and basic first aid.  In a span of three weeks, I was able to train 115 ZL staff members. 

  • 75 security officers were trained in CPR, MOAB and basic security skill
  • 20 Nurses were taught MOAB and how to deal with aggressive patients
  • 20 Ambulance drivers were taught basic first aid and CPR

This trip was truly a rewarding and life-changing experience.  Having the ability to go back to my beloved country and share with the Haitian community the skills that I have acquired through my position as a Special State Police Officer at Mass General was a blessing.  My new found goal is to establish a culturally sustainable security and disaster preparedness curriculum for Haiti’s healthcare system.  As a member of the Haitian community, I am very thankful and blessed for the support that Mass General has provided Haiti during the time of need.