Global Medicine

Global Medicine resident Katherine Crabtree sees patients with her Ugandan colleagues at the Bugoye Health Center
View of the Bugoye Health Center III in Kasase, Uganda and surrounding mountainous terrain

Bugoye Community Health Collaboration

Initiated in 2012, the Bugoye Community Health Collaboration (BCHC) is a community-based care program that developed out of the partnership between Bugoye Health Center III (BHC), Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). In rural Bugoye, BCHC seeks to:

  • Improve the health of communities
  • Strengthen the local health system
  • Innovate in community-based care

Focused on reducing childhood and maternal mortality, BCHC trains and supports village health workers across Bugoye in the care of childhood illnesses and women’s health while simultaneously building the capacity of the local health center. BCHC serves as the primary research, education, and public health platform for Global Medicine trainees.  The program offers trainees the opportunities to engage in collaborative scholarly work focused on improving the health of communities.  Focus of current and past work has included village health worker skills assessment, referral adherence, community acceptance of village health worker evaluations, maternal health, non-communicable disease diagnosis and care, and technology as a tool for village health worker teaching and health promotion.

First Mile Community Health Program

Initiated in 2018, the First Mile Community Health Program seeks to promote MUST’s mission strengthen the connections between the academic medical center at MUST with its surrounding communities and community health centers. In partnership with the MUST Department of Community Health, the program supports training at MUST for community health center staff and leaders. It also provides support to deepen the engagement of the MUST trainees and faculty in the community through clinical care, education, and research.